Hi, I’m a young man in his late teens and i thought I would join in the world of blogging. im based in Africa, South Africa to be exact. This platform is the best little area where i can freely share my views about everything that catches my attention, from politics to entertainment. Young people these days no longer take interest in many issues that concern their well-being and leadership. Only a few take time to think about them and it is very very rare to see a young person taking part in a discussion that does not concern having fun. I believe this should change, the youth of today needs to take initiative and show the world tat we can also think and that we are the future leaders. And what better way to show this than taking the first step, which is voicing my concerns out there.

I hope this Blog can inspire some of my peers to actually take life seriously, especially with the daunting situations we live in here in Africa. It is easy to put all my thoughts and views here but it is more helpful if you guys join in on the discussions so we can see how we both see the world. I hope to make friends through this blog and i believe that it is possible to tackle hard_core issues with friends. THANK YOU!!



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