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“LIFE SUCKS, LIFE IS UNFAIR, LIFE IS TOO SHORT, FUCK LIFE CAUSE IT’S A BITCH”- most have said this. But is this the definition of life according to you? Has life been so bad to you such that you wish you didn’t have it?

LIFE: according to wikipedia is a characteristic that
distinguishes objects that have
signaling and self- sustaining
processes (i.e. , living organisms ) from
those that do not. Does that sound like a bitch? something short? No! That sounds to me like something wonderful, something extraordinary, something great.

The point of this post is to try and alleviate the use of such phrases because life is totally the opposite. Let me talk about life being unfair since almost everyone thinks this is true. Life is FAIR! Can you imagine how life would be if we all got what we wanted, of course we would all be happy, but there wouldn’t be a “universe balance”. Most strive to work in the office, can you imagine what would happen if everyone worked in an office, no one would be cleaning the public toilets, no one would be manufacturing the cars we want to drive! So yeah, I think it’s fair that only a few get to work in offices. Life is how it is, there are some things that can never change, no matter how much we may try, like Africa being the richest continent but having the poorest society, like corruption in all our leadership offices. We cannot all get what we want.

Life does not suck, it might actually be one thing in the world that does not suck. You may be experiencing hard times throughout most of your lifetime, that isn’t life sucking, that’s life being hard. Hard times are almost inevitable in all our lifetimes, we will experience hard times. Some believe that is God throwing temptations at you, and some believe that’s just the way it is. However bad life may be, it does not suck.

“Life is too short”- this is one of the most ridiculous statements on earth. How is life EVER too short? It’s short compared to what? What have u experienced that’s longer than life? Sure someone might say that the statement simply means you may die anytime…aren’t we all. So you will live a dangerous stupid life simply based on the fact that you may die anytime, what if you live a long time? What if you’re blessed (or cursed) and your lifetime is over 80 and you live a restless life, what then? You wont have anything tangible you achieved.

Finally, life ain’t a bitch. You’re the bitch for letting life fcuk you up. You and only you have the power to control your life, so do not call your life a bitch cause you’re failing to manage it, OKAY!

I have actually said these statements myself, but what’s the use of cursing life while not doing anything about it?

Peace, @MrGeraldS

Just my thought!!


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